New Residents Coming to the St. John’s Seminary

New Residents Coming to the St. John’s Seminary

June 25, 2015 | Excerpts of an article by Carol Baass Sowa | Today’s Catholic

SAN ANTONIO • A succession of people have called the land at the corner of Mission Road and East Mitchell Street “home” over the centuries, so the anticipated arrival of new residents with development of the former St. John’s Seminary into apartments is just another page in that rich history.

Now a new page is being turned that will see the former seminary transformed into a multi-family residential complex complementary to the nearby mission.

“We’ve entered into an agreement with MissionDG for a long-term lease,” announced Rubén Hinojosa, Director of Administrative Services/CFO for the archdiocese. The 75-year, renewable lease is a win-win for all involved. “They’ve secured the property,” he said. “They’ve fenced the property, they have 24-hour security of the complex and they are working forward to get their approvals in line.” He anticipates the start of construction in March of next year.

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