Aspire at Tampico Provides Class A Affordable Housing

Aspire at Tampico Provides Class A Affordable Housing 1

Aspire at Tampico Provides Class A Affordable Housing

Mission is at the forefront of providing class A affordable housing to underserved areas of San Antonio, like the near west side of downtown.

Working with Tim Alcott at the San Antonio Housing Authority, Mission will develop the property at 200 Tampico to be a mixed-income housing project called Aspire at Tampico.

“We took a formerly underutilized industrial site and are in the process of developing and providing permanent affordable housing in a prime location, next to a VIA transportation corridor in the downtown core.” Mark Tolley

The location will be a convenient one for folks who work downtown and need affordable housing. If you work in the services industries such as restaurant and hotel management, or in other industries catering to tourism downtown, this housing may be an answered prayer, with rents coming in between 30-80% less that the area’s median income. Aspire at Tampico Provides Class A Affordable Housing 2

Being able to live close to work can create a huge leap forward in quality of life, allowing residents to avoid the time costs of bussing in from an outlying area that’s more affordable.

Aspire at Tampico is located on the west side of I-35, just opposite Arsenal, within Vista Verde South. This once-predominately industrial area has become the subject of revitalization as San Antonio continues to expand. The neighborhood is home to the University of Texas at San Antonio’s Downtown campus, HEB LP headquarters campus, and of course a number of city and government agencies. describes Vista Verde South as “a convenient corridor into the rest of San Antonio. It’s a relatively peaceful area that doesn’t see as much activity and traffic as the rest of the city, yet still provides easy access to all the restaurants and shops in Arsenal, Southtown, and La Villita. There’s a number of parks just outside the neighborhood’s boundaries, and thanks to the area’s relative walkability it’s easy to get around.”

Mark Tolley exclaims, “We hopes this helps to fill the ongoing deficit of affordable housing units in this part of downtown San Antonio.”